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Calling all Speakers!

Do you know a great speaker? Do you have a topic you'd like to hear? Are you a speaker? Or are you a student who wants to practice speaking about your studies or your research?

BV-ATD is always looking for your input on our monthly learning events. Let us know if you have any recommendations for our programming!


Upcoming events

We don't have any events scheduled at the moment. Check back with us later!

Past events

13 Jan 2022 The Price of Admission to Have a Seat at the Table - To Be an HR Top Dog
15 Dec 2021 BV-ATD Holiday Luncheon at Paolo's Italian Kitchen
11 Nov 2021 Partnering to Expand Workforce Development
14 Oct 2021 Web Design Basics for Non-Web Designers
07 Oct 2021 BV-ATD Fall Outdoor Social
09 Sep 2021 Informational Session on CPTD Certification
12 Aug 2021 Welcome to the New Workplace
08 Jul 2021 Conflict and Confrontation
10 Jun 2021 Etiquette: It’s More than Knowing What Fork to Use
13 May 2021 Simulations for Special Educators and Beyond
08 Apr 2021 A Tale of Three Disasters: A Case Study in Agile Transformation of an Interprofessional Emergency Response Training
11 Mar 2021 A Conversation on Vaccination and the Work Place
14 Jan 2021 The Role of HR in times of Crisis
12 Nov 2020 Servant Leadership: Why it Matters?
08 Oct 2020 Simplifying Change One Person at a Time
09 Jul 2020 Be a Change Champion
23 Apr 2020 How to lead virtual teams to optimize learning and creativity.
12 Mar 2020 BV-ATD Monthly Luncheon Meeting
13 Feb 2020 How to Stress Less
09 Jan 2020 Conflict and You: How to Engage in Conflict Appropriately
11 Dec 2019 Holiday Luncheon at Amico Nave
14 Nov 2019 Successes and Challenges of Talent Development with a Food Insecure Population
10 Oct 2019 Cybersecurity as a Differentiator
12 Sep 2019 Workplace Incivility
05 Sep 2019 BV-ATD Social
08 Aug 2019 Coaching for Success
11 Jul 2019 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
13 Jun 2019 Changing and Re-focusing Individual Goals
09 May 2019 But We’ve Always Done it This Way: Managing Change in the Workplace
11 Apr 2019 Leadership: Communication Styles
14 Mar 2019 BV-ATD Culture Change in Organizations
14 Feb 2019 Transform your Learning Department with Performance Consulting
10 Jan 2019 Fear Your Working Dead: 16 Steps to Great Management and Excellence in Leadership
12 Dec 2018 Holiday Luncheon at Amico Nave
08 Nov 2018 Leveling Up: Thoughts on the Gap between Research and Practice
11 Oct 2018 Back to the Storyboard: Building your Presentation from the Ground Up
13 Sep 2018 Mobile Learning: Transforming Education and Industry
09 Aug 2018 Preparing Now to Make 2019 the Best Year Yet
12 Jul 2018 Mental Illness: Training Our Community
14 Jun 2018 A Trainer's Guide to Mindfulness
24 May 2018 BV-ATD Summer Social
03 May 2018 Talent Management Case Study
12 Apr 2018 Mental Illness: Training Our Community
08 Mar 2018 Training for Disaster
08 Feb 2018 Are you opening and closing your presentation with Impact?
11 Jan 2018 Blinn College's Workforce Development Program
13 Dec 2017 Holiday Luncheon at Amico Nave
09 Nov 2017 Partnering with Clients to Shape the Future.
12 Oct 2017 How to use a Webinar as an Effective Training Platform.
14 Sep 2017 Driving Your Own Career: 3 Secrets to Accelerate Your Status, Job, and Income.
10 Aug 2017 Competency-Based Employee Development
13 Jul 2017 Talent Management in Organizations: Tips, Trends, and Trepidations
08 Jun 2017 Performance Management
11 May 2017 Dream Management for Employees
13 Apr 2017 Taking the Struggle out of the Juggle of Public Speaking
09 Mar 2017 Needs Assessment
09 Feb 2017 Getting the Most Out of Social Media
12 Jan 2017 Talent Management Practices of Best-in-Class Companies
08 Dec 2016 Holiday Luncheon
10 Nov 2016 Capturing the Minds of Millennials
13 Oct 2016 Keep Calm & Train On
08 Sep 2016 Positivity in Chaos
11 Aug 2016 Ten Myths About Change
07 Jul 2016 Diversity: Inclusion is a mindset
09 Jun 2016 Gamification
18 May 2016 Adaptive Learning Online Seminar
14 Apr 2016 Talent Development Strategies
10 Mar 2016 BV-ATD 25th Anniversary Event
11 Feb 2016 Ice Breakers that Work
14 Jan 2016 Coaching and Mentoring with Chris Antone (Joint BV-SHRM Meeting)
10 Dec 2015 Holiday Luncheon and Awards Ceremony
12 Nov 2015 Facilitating Tabletop Exercises: Tips and Lessons Learned
08 Oct 2015 Cross-Cultural Communication and Conflict
02 Jul 2015 Enterprise Risk Management: Understanding and Ranking Your Risks
11 Jun 2015 Facilitation: Helping Groups to Succeed
14 May 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality
09 Apr 2015 Enrichment Program: Field Trip to Binary Space and JB Knowledge
12 Mar 2015 Dealing With Different People Styles
12 Feb 2015 Supervising and working with generational differences
08 Jan 2015 What HR Development Professionals Need to Know About Organizational Systems Theory

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