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    • 10 Jan 2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Phillips Event Center, 1929 Country Club Drive, Bryan, TX

    Employee Engagement is defined as an employee’s emotional and psychological commitment to an organization. Research shows that engaged employees are more productive, profitable, safer, and move your organization forward. In comparison, actively disengaged employees are emotionally and rationally detached from your organization. They have no connection to the workplace and do just enough NOT to get fired. How much is active disengagement costing your organization in lost customers and productivity?

    The upcoming Employee Engagement Workshop on October 28th will explore what engagement is and how using an employee engagement program as a business strategy can drive business performance at your organization. Business owners and managers will have the opportunity to explore drivers of engagement, discover ways to measure employee engagement amongst employees, and identify the elements that make up a “Best Place to Work” culture.

    As CEO, Jeff Tobaben is responsible for Evolve’s strategic direction, the high-level program design, and validation of each project Evolve takes on. The remainder of Jeff’s time is spent consulting directly with organizations to help them leverage their human capital through applied behavioral economics. He devotes his time, expertise and unique approach to architect solutions that drive improved workplace conditions, reduced turnover, employee engagement, strengthened customer relationships, and sustainable financial performance.

    Jeff’s broad experience in Human Capital Development began in the automotive industry where he specialized in adult learning programs for some of the world’s largest auto manufacturers and retailers. Tobaben was a pioneer in the automotive industry, continually challenging the status quo. Supported by research and intuition, he led a movement to change the management of customer and employee relationships.

    His passion for improving employee and customer relationships drove him to start his own company focused on curriculum design, development and facilitation to support companies in their effort to improve the employee/customer experience. When the company Mr. Tobaben founded was acquired by Gallup Consulting, he joined the Texas office to act as Managing Partner. Gallup charged Jeff with the task of helping the company “operationalize” Employee Engagement and Strengths for their large corporate clients in the automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas, and financial services industries.

    Luncheon Served: Lasagna, chef's vegetable, garlic bread, and salad

    This program maps to ATD's Foundational Competency: Coaching and Integrated Talent Management Visit

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